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Inspiration is a fantastic, and surprisingly often underestimated, weapon, yet it is my source of spiritual energy. A little bird like me wants to mirror the positive that transpires in this overheated world. The past few months have followed the same pattern as in the past, meetings that bring hope and projects that warm the heart! A glaring conclusion: it is often those who talk the most who do the least. I have met some of these people and they are not helping the world. On the contrary, they take advantage of a complacent system.

No, I think a lot more about the real heroes; the woman who brings injured birds home, the Peruvian who is fighting for a small parcel of forest, or the Nigerian who will do anything to prevent chimpanzees from disappearing from her country. Three small examples among many. One of my dreams is to combine the immense energy of the heroes of nature and daily life with the unboundless power of children; prepare to be inspired!



Boopy and Eco-Sys Action have, once again, renewed their support for the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme (EWCP), an association that has saved the rarest canid in the world from extinction.
The main threats to this wolf include the loss and fragmentation of habitat, disease transmitted primarily by domestic dogs, and conflicts with humans.
Boopy also supports the World Rabies Day’s events organised by EWCP. Read more at "Passion to Live."



While the World Cup in Brazil enthralled the world, the "Chameleon Football" tournaments sponsored by Boopy and Eco-Sys Action, and organized by Erika Ranivonionjaharimina and her team, captivated Madagascar. After the success of previous editions, the matches were played before a large audience in several regions of the country (Chameleon Foot in  Analamanga and Vakinakaratra, Indri Foot in Alaora Mangoro and Sea Turtle Foot in Vatomandry), and even in Tsimbazaza Park in Antananarivo.  Some beautiful examples of environmental awareness through sport. Congratulations to Erika who is also a confirmed artist. Here is her latest video!


Fulconis Renaud, director of Awely, explains how Boopy supports their programme in Zambia: "For the fifth consecutive year, Boopy through Eco-Sys Action, supports Awely's work in the field, helping animals and humans. Thanks to him, this year we are developing measures which allow Zambian villagers to protect themselves from large mammals that prey on their property, mainly elephants that destroy the fields. We are building reinforced grain shelters and developing alternative crops. These allow farmers to sell their crops without the risk of seeing them destroyed by elephants. In return, there is less poaching and trapping of these animals. In this way Boopy helps both the villagers and the elephants. So for the 5th time, a huge thank you! "

Thank you to Charmaine for cleaning the beach!  An hour of work to help the sea: a simple and effective result. Hope this inspires you ...

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