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At the heart of the ecological challenges of our planet, the projects initiated by schools in China and Hong Kong are of fundamental importance, here more than anywhere else, in influencing youth who will be the decision makers of tomorrow. A number of environmental problems are linked to this part of the world. The destruction of tropical forests is a prime example. Numerous species are threatened by Chinese consumption (rhinoceros, tigers, snow leopards, elephants, bears, sharks, manta rays, seahorses, turtles, pangolins, etc...). Far from blaming, ECO-SYS ACTION and BOOPY hope to inspire serious consideration and spark awareness for a reaction much more positive than that of a number of western countries.

This new generation, crucial for the future, can very quickly educate leaders of world conservation and propel their country to the forefront of the ecological scene, where no one is expecting them.

ECO-SYS ACTION and BOOPY are convinced of this potential, and this platform hopes to put forward a number of projects already undertaken in order to create a positive dynamic and inspire more and more youth to take concrete action for their environment, to convince their parents and friends, and in this way, to become true actors for their planet.

Groups of Y6 students worked on a number of social and economic themes that they viewed as important. This work was exhibited, by stand, in a magnificent exposition which the students presented with much passion.

Among the subjects raised: children's rights, climate change, marine pollution, shark finning, animal protection in Hong Kong, saving pink dolphins and moon bears, rhinoceros horn trafficking, and tropical forest destruction to support palm oil production.

Signs and models provided descriptions to assist in understanding the challenges of these different problems..

A "sustainable development" camp was on the programme for eighth grade students.

From Pui O beach to Lantau, students had the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of incredibly interesting workshops.

Several experts gave presentations on the problems of marine pollution, renewable energy, the economic aspect of sustainable development, reforestation, organic nutrition, etc.

Many fun activities linked with ecology were organized by Ark Eden: bird watching, wild buffalo discovery, mangrove study by kayak, night hiking, beach cleaning and waste analysis.

Fascinating discoveries to understand how the local eco-system functions coupled with a positive approach to explore possible solutions.
A group of students and their teachers decided, in cooperation with the organization Teng Hoi, to create micro vegetable gardens at their school using organic compost as fertiliser.

The students collected natural waste from their daily food in order to recycle it as a quality compost. This compost was then used to enrich the soil of their micro-gardens and to grow vegetables. At maturity, the vegetables were used for meals in the school cafeteria.

The surplus compost was sold to students' parents to enrich the soil in their flower pots or other plantations.

A simple cycle that permits the concrete observation of waste recycling and provides a solution to reduce waste.

Sharing the Planet... After a field trip to see Hong Kong's rare pink dolphins, Y3 children created to chant to tell the world to save the dolphins and their ecosystem:

I don't know what you've been told
Pink dolphins are like gold
They are very, very rare
And they need our special care
There are some things you can do
To help the dolphins pull through

Do not litter anywhere
The environment needs your care
Speak up loud and use your voice
So the government has no choice

Protect … The pink dolphins …Protect… The pink Dolphins
Now we hope it's very clear
If we do nothing … The dolphins … Will… Disappear...

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