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Cooperation with Tacugama
A model project in Sierra Leone to save the last wild chimpanzees in the country, their forest and help the local people benefit from this protection.

ECO-SYS ACTION fights for the protection of threatened species and habitat by helping communities establish environmentally sustainable solutions in which conservation is more profitable than destruction.

Because kids are today’s inspiration and tomorrow’s decision makers, ECO-SYS ACTION recognizes their importance when offering a global vision which includes health, education, economy, and the environment, to targeted communities

ECO-SYS ACTION endeavors to employ adaptive and innovative solutions without creating dependence.

ECO-SYS ACTION also assists organisations who prioritize educational, social, and economic projects with populations living in important zones of biodiversity.

An important project is planned in China and India to accompany Chinese and Indian youth in an environmental movement increasing awareness of the impact that their countries have on the ecological future of our planet.  These youth will then be prepared to become leaders in world conservation with positive effects in their own countries as well as the rest of the world.
Global Urban Conservation Champion Award 2023 is presented to Jitendra Pardeshi

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